What you as a spectator should understand is that all the mono or standard JPG pictures are extracted from stereo JPS or MPO pictures I took.
In a 2D Point of View, these shoots will never have the quality of a classic shoot with a normal single photo camera.
Not in resolution, nor in color values, even in composition and depth of field.
This is normal because a stereographer must think and feel totally different than a normal 2D photographer.
If You really wish to enjoy my work in all dimensions, than do the effort of buying 3D glasses.
You can start off with red/blue anaglyph glasses in carton, these come at almost no cost.
If you would like a little more wearing comfort, you should order the hard plastic anaglyph glasses.
They will also improve the 3D image quality and they cost about €4.
The best solution is to have the 3D vision system from NVIDIA with active shutter glasses. Prices start at around €90
for usb wired glasses. A Wireless version with receiver come at a price around €120. There are several 120hz screens
available by Samsung, Acer, Asus, Dell, Viewsonic, …. and these are really needed to display 3D in actif shutter mode. You can use a 3DTV as well, if you have 3DTV Play software, a supported TV and HDMI 1.4.
Also check if your graphics card is from Nvidia and if it will support 3D Vision.
You could also check out a passive solution. These come with cheaper passive glasses and is a different technology.
Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. For the moment the active solution is on the winning hand, but these markets
are constantly evolving and 3D is getting more and more mature. We’ll see what the future will bring us!

Don’t forget that we start the upload with the oldest 3D albums.
That means a lot of pictures are taken with 1/2 megapixels to 2.1 Megapixels camera’s,but in 3D it stays nice and trilling to watch.
Now I take 3D pictures with over 14 Million pixels.
That means You can walk en zoom into the Image in 3 Dimensions without losing sharpness en the third dimension.

If you have a 3D-TV:

Make sure your PC or laptop supports hdmi 1.4 3D-output and connect your device using HDMI 1.4 cable.

If you have a 120Hz Pc 3d-monitor:

use Dual-link DVI-D Cable or hdmi 1.4 to connect to your screen.

If your laptop is equipped with a 120hz screen you are ’3d ready’
Once you’re “3D ready”, first make sure you have a STEREOSCOPIC PLAYER (or use your bundled 3Dvision / ZALMAN player).

Right now there are new ways for viewing on polarized screens and autostereoscopic solutions without
need for glasses. We will support as many as possible viewing methods during future developments.

So when you’re “3D ready”, first make sure you have a STEREOSCOPIC PLAYER (or use your bundled 3Dvision / ZALMAN player).
Download our “real 3D” ZIP files with photos or videos.

If you do not have any 3D equipment:

Get ANAGLYPH glasses to enjoy our 3D content.
Hey, the 2D content is there especially for you.

Please note that every stereoscopic 3D system will work!
For high quality and a big picture we recommend a 3D TV, “3D Ready TV”.
It’s ideal if you TV’s connect to your PC to bring the content you downloaded to your TV.
There are also glasses-free 3D displays and 3D gaming monitors (ZALMAN, iZ3D, Samsung, Acer and other) on which our content can be enjoyed.
If you have no 3D hardware available, you can use the still popular ANAGLYPH glasses on ANY monitor or TV available at all scenes.
Because we know that many people don’t have 3D equipment, we’ve foreseen a separate set of 2D shots at all scenes.

About your computer’s hardware requirements:

Good 3D videos and photos have big file sizes because there’s 2 viewpoints in 1 file.
We recommend a fast internet connection. For optimal playback, a good PC is recommended.